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  1. Daiwa Ninja Match Rute
    Daiwa Ninja Match Rute

    Startet von 58,99 €

  2. Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rute
    Daiwa Ninja Feeder Rute

    Startet von 57,35 €

  3. Daiwa Connoisseur Match Rute
    Daiwa Connoisseur Match Rute

    Startet von 176,99 €

  4. Daiwa Air Rod Top N Tail
    Daiwa Air Rod Top N Tail

    Startet von 16,52 €

  5. Daiwa Neoprene Rod Bands
    Daiwa Neoprene Rod Bands

    Startet von 10,62 €

  6. Daiwa Fibreglass Quiver
    Daiwa Fibreglass Quiver

    Startet von 18,04 €

  7. Daiwa Cast'izm Feeder Rod
    Daiwa Cast'izm Feeder Rute

    Startet von 152,21 €

  8. Daiwa Yank N Bank Match Rod
    Daiwa Yank N Bank Match Rod

    Startet von 76,69 €

Ansicht als Raster Liste

Artikel 1-12 von 73

pro Seite
In absteigender Reihenfolge
Daiwa Coarse & Match Rods We stock a huge selection of coarse and match fishing rods from Daiwa, including a variety of feeder, waggler, and float rods. In short, we have a rod to suit every style of angling across the coarse and match discipline. Not only do we stock a full selection of Daiwa coarse and match fishing rods, but we also stock a range of additional quiver tips. These quiver tips are designed to fit a whole host of Daiwa’s rods across the coarse and match fishing range. These different tips allow you to have your pick of guide sizes and tip sensitivity, effectively allowing you to completely customise your rod session on session, match on match. This is exactly the kind of versatility that an avid match angler requires from their rod set up. As with all Daiwa tackle, we have rods that come in at a variety of price points. This ensures that, no matter your budget or ability, you’re able to experience top quality Daiwa rod technology in your coarse and match angling. Angling Direct is the UK’s leading Daiwa stockist, so we’re able to bring you exclusive deals that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else on the market. This is on top of our price promise, so keep an eye out for the price checked sticker. You can find this sticker on the product page, just below the Daiwa logo on the right hand side, and it’s our promise to you that we’re giving you the best deal on the market today. If you have any other questions, whether they’re about our price promise, our Daiwa coarse and match rods, or any other aspect of your experience with us today then please do not hesitate to give us a ring. All calls are handled by our dedicated in house customer services team, who are able to give impartial, no-obligation advice on any of the products in our expansive catalogue.
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