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  1. Daiwa Crosscast Surf Rod
    Daiwa Crosscast Surf Rod

    Startet von 106,39 €

  2. Daiwa Saltiga Boat Rod
    Daiwa Saltiga Boat Rod

    Startet von 312,48 €

  3. Daiwa Sandstorm Surf Rods
    Daiwa Sandstorm Brandungsrute

    Startet von 156,80 €

  4. Daiwa Seahunter Z Boat Rods
    Daiwa Seahunter Z Bootsrute

    Startet von 60,48 €

  5. Daiwa Sandstorm Bass Spin Rod
    Daiwa Sandstorm Spinnrute

    Startet von 100,79 €

  6. Daiwa Seahunter Z Uptide Rute
    Daiwa Seahunter Z Uptide Rute

    Startet von 55,99 €

  7. Daiwa Air Surf Fixed Spool Rute
    Daiwa Air Surf Fixed Spool Rute

    Startet von 519,68 €

  8. Daiwa Super Kenzaki Boots Rute
    Daiwa Super Kenzaki Boots Rute

    Startet von 161,28 €

  9. Daiwa D Wave Seabass Rod
    Daiwa D Wave Seabass Rod

    Startet von 44,79 €

  10. Daiwa Seahunter Z Spinnrute
    Daiwa Seahunter Z Spinnrute

    Startet von 51,51 €

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Ansicht als Raster Liste

Artikel 1-12 von 24

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In absteigender Reihenfolge
Daiwa Sea Rods Daiwa is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of fishing tackle, and from its Japanese base it designs and manufactures many of the products you know and love. However, what is less well known is that Daiwa’s largest factory outside of the Far East is actually based in Whishaw, Scotland. This means that many of the Daiwa products sold on the UK are actually designed and manufactured in the UK, with UK anglers in mind. Both the UK and Japan are island nations, with ample sea fishing opportunities, so it is only right that Daiwa has produced one of the most comprehensive selections of sea fishing rods on the market. We stock a full range of Daiwa’s very best sea fishing rods. From bass rods to surf rods, from boat rods to uptide rods, we have a rod for every sea fishing eventuality. As the UK’s leading stockist of Daiwa products, not only are we able to offer you the largest variety of Daiwa stock of any UK tackle retailer, but we’re also able to offer you fantastic deals across the whole Daiwa range. This includes Daiwa’s impeccable range of sea rods, and with prices between £40 and £240, Daiwa’s sea rods come in for a range of budgets. This means that, whether you’re a budding angler who wants to make a start in your sea fishing career or you’ve been sea fishing longer than you can remember and are looking to up your game with a world class rod, we’ve got a Daiwa sea rod for you. If you would like any further information, whether that is about any of the Daiwa sea rods we stock, our price promise, or any aspect of the ordering process, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team. All calls are handled in-house, and our team are available for a no-obligation conversation about any of the products in our catalogue.
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