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  1. Daiwa SAS Mk7 Bib N Brace
    Daiwa SAS Mk7 Bib N Brace

    Startet von 44,84 €

  2. Daiwa Igloo Match 2 Piece Suit
    Daiwa Igloo Match 2 Piece Suit

    Startet von 108,66 €

  3. Daiwa Black & White Polo Shirt
    Daiwa Black & White Polo Shirt

    Startet von 14,38 €

  4. Daiwa Dvec T-Shirt
    Daiwa Dvec T-Shirt

    Startet von 11,50 €

  5. Daiwa Match Hoodies
    Daiwa Match Hoodies

    Startet von 34,50 €

  6. Daiwa Airity Gore-Tex Trouser
    Daiwa Airity Gore-Tex Trouser

    Startet von 193,20 €

  7. Daiwa Softshell
    Daiwa Softshell

    Startet von 46,00 €

  8. Daiwa Hoodie
    Daiwa Hoodie

    Startet von 34,50 €

  9. Daiwa Gilet
    Daiwa Gilet

    Startet von 34,50 €

Ansicht als Raster Liste

Artikel 1-12 von 63

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In absteigender Reihenfolge
Daiwa Fishing Clothing The Great British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times and there really is nothing worse than getting caught out in the rain – or even caught out by an unusual ray of sunshine. That’s why Daiwa has created a range of clothing that will keep you dry when it’s wet, warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s sunny. Committed to keep you temperate from head to toe, Daiwa’s range of clothing includes a variety of jackets, both waterproof and fleece; polo shirts; gore-tex trousers, to keep the wind off on a blustery day; and plenty of sun caps. In this way, no matter the conditions, Daiwa has you covered – literally! Since Daiwa is a fishing brand, you can be confident that all the clothing the brand produces will have been designed with angling in mind. You cannot say that about the majority of water and windproof clothing items out there and it’s a vital element to consider when buying angling clothing. Fishing brands know what anglers demand from their clothing and Daiwa delivers on these demands every time. Daiwa has been making revolutionary tackle for more than 60 years, so you can be confident that each of the products it releases will have benefited from every single year of that experience. If you would like any further information, whether that’s about any of the items of clothing we stock or any other aspect of the ordering process, please do not hesitate to give us a call. All phone calls are strictly no-obligation and we can offer impartial advice across our product range. As the UK’s largest stockist of Daiwa goods we’re able to offer exclusive deals across the complete range of products. Look out for the price checked sticker on the product page to know that you’re getting an incredible deal. Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…
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