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  1. Shakespeare Sigma Fliegenrolle

    Startet von 32,99 €

    Shakespeare Sigma Fliegenrolle

  2. Greys GTS 800 Reel

    Startet von 142,99 €

    Greys GTS 800 Fliegenrolle

  3. Wychwood Flow Fly Reel

    Startet von 60,49 €

    Wychwood Flow Fliegenrolle

  4. Hardy Ultralite CA DD Reel

    Startet von 176,00 €

    Hardy Ultralite CA DD Reel

  5. Hardy Ultralite ASR Reel

    Startet von 188,09 €

    Hardy Ultralite ASR Reel

  6. Greys QRS Cassette Fly Reel

    Startet von 104,49 €

    Greys QRS Cassette Fliegenrolle

  7. Daiwa Wilderness Fly Reel

    Startet von 32,99 €

    Daiwa Wilderness Fly Reel

  8. DAM Quick G-Fly Reel

    Startet von 42,13 €

    DAM Quick G-Fly Fliegenrolle

  9. Wychwood Flow Platinum Reel

    Startet von 36,55 €

    Wychwood Flow Platinum Reel

Artikel 1-12 von 26

In absteigender Reihenfolge
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Fly Fishing Reels Fly fishing is one of the oldest of the angling disciplines, and, with a number of keen fly fishermen in our ranks, it’s only right that we stock a comprehensive range of fly fishing tackle. Reels truly are a vital bit of gear, and a good reel can make the difference between a pleasurable and a disappointing session. We stock a wide-ranging collection of reels that are all especially designed for fly fishing, including centrepin and drag reels. Angling Direct aims to make angling accessible to all, no matter your skill level or your budget. That’s why our range of fly reels come in at a variety of prices, and whether you’re looking to spend less than £30 on a no-frills attached reel or you’re ready to invest in a reel upwards of £300 we have a fly reel for you. With brands like J W Young, Wychwood, and Hardy making up the numbers in our collection, you can be confident that whichever reel you settle on will more than do the job, no matter your budget. We always say that angling is more than our business, it’s our passion too, and we’ve released our own centrepin reels especially for fly fishing. Advanta is the brand we are proud to call our own, and we’ve carefully designed our centrepin reels with some of the best fly anglers in our team to create a product that not only looks good but performs like a dream, too. As with all the products in our range, Advanta from Angling Direct aims to give you exceptional value for money and these reels are no different. If you’d like any additional information about any of the fly fishing reels we stock, please do not hestitate to get in contact. You can find all our customer services information on their dedicated webpage, simply click the link at the top left of the page and follow the pathway to the member of our team who can best assist you. Angling Direct: Serious about your fishing…
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